7 Keys To Living Full Out from Within

Are you living life full out?

Do you provide oxygen for your heart to breathe each day, or is your heart suffocated by the mind?

Are you attuned to the guidance provided by your Inner Knower?

It’s easy to say yes to life.  It’s easy when we are anchored in our hearts.

The monkey mind and its judgments keep us from getting anchored in our hearts.

This book helps you loosen the monkey mind’s hold. When it gets loosened and wiggle room is created, the heart becomes your leader and the mind plays second fiddle. The heart won’t keep you in a prison; the heart will set you free.

There is a place within your heart that takes joy in living, that’s grateful to be here on earth come what may.

What are the keys to aligning with the joy hidden deep within your heart?

Saying “Yes” to your capacity to grow spiritually. Saying Yes to your expansiveness is saying yes to your true self. When you bring your attention to your spiritual growth, self-pity and shame lose their foothold.

Saying “Yes” to your uniqueness. Embracing the qualities that you bring to the world in your own distinctive way is a pathway  from the mind’s monkey chatter to the heart. When you accept and embrace your unquiness, you breathe oxygen into your heart.

Saying “Yes” to the new is the third key. When we fail to see the new–when we don’t celebrate the blank page that awaits us every morning–we lose sight of possibilities and opportunities. When we acknowledge that the moment we are given is fresh and new, we prepare the way for wonderment and anticipation. Now our ears are open to hearing invitations from the cosmos such as, “Are you willing to cultivate a new relationship with yourself today?” Now we able to respond to life from the heart.

These keys are offered in the first three chapters. That’s just the beginning!

What are people saying about this book?

SAY YES TO LIFE will nourish and inspire your heart and soul. It’s a beautiful guide to help you celebrate this journey of life.

Marci Shimoff

#1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason

Say Yes to Life is a sparkling secret gem of a book. Like sips of cool spring water on a steamy hot day, Elliott’s lyrical writing soothes and refreshes the soul. Love how he writes of grief –“Tears will never let you tumble from your heart. . . .”


Amazon.com review

This exquisite book is filled with profound wisdom that will undoubtedly change your life forever. The central message is simply that if you ask your heart to reveal life’s goodness, it will be shown to you in all its glory–and that’s just the beginning …

Debra Poneman

Bestselling author, Founder and President, Yes to Success, Inc.

About The Author

Elliott Robertson is a Spiritual Growth Coach who helps teenagers and young adults release self-judgment. He is a certified leader for ‘Happy for No Reason’ workshops and holds a Master’s degree in Psychology.

Previously, he was a staff writer for Daily Word magazine. His articles have appeared in magazines across the country including Miracles magazine and Science of Mind.

In his teens and youth, Elliott Robertson was crippled by disempowering beliefs and dispositions. He resented life for being unfair. He was jealous of others who led more fulfilling, prosperous lives.
Today he is free of jealousy and bitterness and is committed to inspiring others to release limiting habits such as judging themselves and blaming the cosmos.

In Say Yes to Life, Elliott shines a light on ways to live with the heart leading the way. When the mind serves the heart, a whole new world opens before you and you are free to live a life of Yes! 

Elliott Robertson


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